About the Author

Steven Wheeler bio picNot counting the hospital in Tupper Lake, my birthplace is Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondak Mountains of upstate New York. It’s a beautiful area, and fairly remote even today, though well-visited in summer season. When I was almost six, my folks split up and mom moved my older brother Ed and my younger sister Jeanna, just a baby, back to Baldwinsville southwest of Syracuse. Mom was a grade school teacher who never lacked gumption.

All of us kids eventually graduated college on one continent or another. I used the GI Bill to earn my BA in English. This paid off professionally as I became a technical trainer, then a technical writer.

But I grew up loving to read, and I still do. Nothing on TV? Who cares?! I’ve always got at least one book going. I’ve recently taken to reviewing books on Goodreads, so you can see there what I’ve been enjoying and what I thought about it. Frankly, I only review a book that’s worthy of including in my library.

I joined the army out of high school, served in West Germany 74-77 as a mechanized infantryman, and then a sergeant in a mobile nuclear missile security platoon. I got out and packed all my stuff into a Pinto station wagon and drove to Oregon. I’ve lived in this beautiful state ever since. Dynamite couldn’t separate me from it.

I’ve written six novels, many short stories, and poems. Some of my work is posted on this site. I leave it to you to determine if I know how to write a good yarn. Perhaps you’ll agree that the publishing industry, yet to accept any of my work, is missing the boat. I’d love to hear from you.

Writing is my main creative outlet, and if it didn’t exist I’d have to invent it.

Growing up in the country instilled in me a passion for nature. I love to hike, ride my bicycle (my second ‘car’), camp, and explore. I work my camera on trips and often write about my adventures one way or another. Have a gander at my travel piece called Owyhee Shangri-La. If that doesn’t give you a grin or two, have your funny bone checked. 🙂

If you enjoy what you see, spring for a book and give it a good review.

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