Book cover: The Second American Civil Way by Steven B. Wheeler
Release Date: March 5, 2024

The Second American Civil War

America is divided between supporters of an ex-president who refuses to acknowledge defeat at the polls, and those relieved to support a responsible leader in the White House. But civil war breaks out. As law enforcement and the National Guard battle insurgents across the country, a broadcast journalist discovers that factions in the super-rich have assassinated national leaders and are waging deadly covert battles. Will she survive her search for the evidence to bring them to justice?

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When the most divisive president in US history is assassinated in December, 2020, journalist Ella Lesperance discovers evidence that someone in the 1% may have sponsored the hit.

While a new administration struggles to assume the reins of government, armed militias occupy statehouses. Thousands of insurgents storm the US Capitol. Law enforcement and National Guard troops fight rebels across the country. But as progressive leaders are attacked and killed, Ella learns that rebels were not responsible. Behind the open warfare, prominent leaders in the super-rich are engaged in bloody covert battles.

Will Ella survive her search for the evidence that can bring plutocrats to justice?